Sod Installation

Sod installation is an effective way to establish a new lawn. Most sod in our area is fescue, or a blend of different common turfgrass types (i.e., fine fescue, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, bermuda, zoysia). When installed correctly on properly prepared soil, with appropriate sunlight and correct maintenance, a sod lawn will be a beaufiful and valuable part of your landscape.

As with any planted material, there can be some challenges in installing a sod lawn. Sometimes sod is installed on top of soil that has had little or no preparation. Proper consideration is not given to the sunlight conditions of the area where the sod installation is done. Some new lawn owners are not properly instructed regarding the maintenance requirements for the type of turf grass being installed. As a result, some owners engage in wasteful practices (e.g. excessive fertilizer, over watering, and excessive use of pesticides and treatments.). Most often, owners neglect the newly installed lawn expecting the lawn to thrive on its own. With the heat and drought conditions, and the pests and diseases common in our area, you lawn needs adequate care over its life.

With a little effort based on good preparation and correct maintenance, your lawn will thrive and be an enjoyable asset for your home ad family.

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