Native Grasses and Natural Landscaping

Native grasses and wild flowers create
a beautiful blend of color and durability.

Native grasses of North America are becoming more popular and useful in apploications such as pastures, right of ways, and larger, open spaces. Native grasses and frequently planted with wildflowers for a hardy and attractive blend of color and ground cover.

Native grasses are those grass varieties that are indigenous to the area where they are being planted. Because native grass species are indigenous instead of adapted to their environments,  they have a natural resistance to many of the problems found in adapted grass species. According to 'Seedland', "These native grasses are regional in regards to climate, soils, acidity or alkalinity, insect damage, diseases and symbiotic coexistence with other plants in the surrounding area."

Some varieties of native grasses are even being used as lawn turf or forage for wildlife and livestock.

We are experts in native grass and wild flower selection and planting in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.

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