Retaining Walls

Your property may have a sloping or uneven yard creating a need for a retaining wall. Beside their use for erosion prevention and space allocation, retaining walls can also be used as a beautiful and effective landscaping effect.

Of course, every retaining wall must be carefully planned with several things in mind. How much lateral pressure will be exerted on the wall? How do we make the wall work aesthetically? Which material(s) will be needed for the desired look and to withstand the lateral force? The contours of the property, and the property owner's personal preferences will dictate the best solution in each case.

There are many reasons to build a retaining wall. It may be a necessity, or it could be part of your landscaping plan. But, it is never a good idea to go it alone. We have the experience and equipment to build your retaining wall(s) safely and quickly, and to the specifications required to make it both functional and attractive.

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