Lawn Renovation

Woods Turf Renovator

Soil preparation and seeding in one piece of equipment. Multiple passes over the lawn provide complete coverage and a beautiful lawn.

Lawn Renovation is the improvement of a stressed lawn without killing and replanting. An important part of this process is lawn aeration and overseeding. We recommend that Chattanooga area lawns, especially those with fescue, blugrass or other cool season grasses be renovated by aeration and overseeding annually.

Lawn reestablishment is the complete killing of the existing lawn grass, preparation and replanting. Most lawns do not require lawn reestablishment. However, a free consultation with our lawn renovation specialists will determine what is needed for your lawn to thrive and look great year after year.

Sodding may need to be incorporated as part of lawn establishment, renovation or reestablishment. Our sodding experts have literally installed thousands of pallets of sod over 30 years. We are experts in selection, preparation and installation of sod in new or established lawns.

Your lawn can decline for several reasons: improper maintenance; poor drainage; soil compaction or ph imbalance; too much thatch; improper use of pesticides; and insects or weeds. In addition, there are problems with invasion on wild grasses, shade, competition from tree and shrub roots or winter injury.

Our lawn renovation professionals have planted new lawns, and renovated or re-established hundreds of lawns through the Chattanooga area. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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