Residential Landscaping

Every successful residential landscaping project is the result of good planning based on several different factors. A landscaping project begins with an evaluation of your personal taste, the style of your home and your community. Then several additional technical factors must be considered to make sure that your landscaping thrives.

Hardiness Zone

The US Department of Agriculture has established hardiness zones for the purpose of identifying plants for each zone. Chattanooga, Tennessee is in USDA zone 7a.

Light Requirement

The next consideration for landscape plant selection is light requirements. Some plants love sun, others love shade, and there are many more that like a little of both.


Most home landscapes use a tiered layout with smaller plants in the foreground, and larger plants to the rear. The size of the plants must fit the space being considered, both vertically and horizontally.

Moisture Requirement

This is a factor often overlooked by do-it-yourself landscapers and unfortunately by some so-called professional landscapers. Many plants are very particular about water, and the moisture requirements are somewhat complicated raging from arrid to wet and everything in between.

Color and Texture

Landscape design is art merged with science. Once the technically suitable plants have been identified, the landscape designer must have the eye and experience to be able to combine plants of varying color and texture to enhance the appearance of your home and property.


In addition to plants, accessories like bird baths, sundials, fountains, statues, and stones will accent your homes landscaping.

The National Gardening Association has a very useful resource for selecting plants of all types for all of the factors above. You can find the resource at

Our landscaping team has applied these planning principles and worked successfully with Chattanooga area homeowners and landscape architects for over 25 years. Contact us for a free consultation.


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