Brush and Grass Clearing

When property has not been maintained it will almost always become overgrown with brush, weeds and tall grass. Usually even a large high-horsepower lawn mower will not have the power to cut down the underbrush and grass.  In this case a bush hog is used (also called a field/brush mower).  A bush hog has large, durable blades that can even cut small trees up to several inches thick.

There are many people who decided to use their residential lawn tractor to try to clear heavy grass and brush and ruined their lawn tractor. When you factor in the cost of your time and the potential damage to your equipment, it is often best to call a company like ours that has the equipment to clear your property quickly and economically.

In addition, we can completely kill brush and grass and reseed the area with native grasses, wild-flowers, or other easier to maintain ground covers.